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XtremeFI specializes in performance throttle bodies and kits for most all GM V8 fuel injection applications (and a few V6's) Dodge V8, Jeep 4.0L & 2.5L and much more. . We offer high flow ported and bored throttle bodies for TBI, TPI, LT1, LT4, Crossfire, Vortec, LS1 more. Each throttle body is designed to greatly increase air flow and horsepower potential. Greater low end response is usually noticed too.

Product offerings also include high flow intakes, performance adjustable fuel pressure regulators, New and reconditioned Injectors and more. Please view our online catalogue above or contact us for details


" Dear XtremeFI - received your LT1 52mm promptly and was impressed with the quality and workmanship. If that wasn't enough, I was very pleased after I installed to find much better low end punch and the car revs out harder. A 3rd gear scratch is now easy. Thanks" Ted Marsowicz

"Awesome product - couldn't believe how much low end rock crawling power this added to my TBI motor - and my truck idles great again. Horsepower is huge for powering through that thick mud. Please share this recommendation with any of your customers" Doug Wehrly